Teachers Training


“Our aspiration is to train more teachers and hopefully in return, these trained teachers will train more students. Our Company goal and wish is to introduce and promote mental arithmetic both-hand abacus system worldwide. But we are not able to do this alone. We have to train many teachers in order to teach more students. Essentially, we have to use many channels, help from others, and strategic planning in order to achieve our goal. Here, we noticed that in order to get more students, we need to train more teachers. To achieve this goal, Our teaching quality, teaching materials, and teaching methods must be unique and different from others. This means that our teaching method must be comprehensive to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.”

Teacher Module

  • Skills on two-hand abacus system.
  • Sharing ASCENT philosophy.
  • Practical training.
  • Understanding teaching materials.
  • ASCENT provides one of the most comprehensive Abacus Mental
  • Arithmetic Teacher’s Training Programme worldwide.

Ascent Abacus & Brain Gym has developed a structured curriculum to provide intensive training for teachers. Teachers are being equipped with knowledge and lesson plans to teach the students efficiently and brilliantly. The training is designed to train any individual who is interested in business investment or have a desire to be trained as an educator.

You will have the advantage of training with an internationally acclaimed system, which is far more superior than those prevalent in the market today.

Who can join Ascent’s Teacher Training

  • Anyone who is interested to teach Abacus Mental Arithmetic.
  • Anyone who has the time to teach Abacus Mental Arithmetic.

A Effects after Training

  • To have confidence in teaching Abacus Mental Arithmetic.
  • To have the capability to tach Abacus Mental Arithmetic

Course Instructor Fee


As an instructor with us you would have a satisfying career wherein you would also be shaping the citizens of tomorrow. Instructors are the key people who are responsible for quality delivery of our various programs. Candidates who are passionate about teaching, have good communication skills, love working with children (in case of Vedic Maths with young adults) and are looking at an enriching teaching experience may apply. Willingness to work during weekends and language proficiency (English and regional) are essential for this role. Prior experience in teaching or working with children would be an added advantage. Training fee would vary across programs. Program specific skills like drawing, spoken English would be tested before selection. This opportunity is available for Ascent Abacus and Brain Gym, Handwriting Skills, Kinder Kids, Vedic Maths and Brain Gym programs.

Course Instructor Fee

This part time entrepreneur opportunity would be ideal for candidates interested in knowledge transfer. Course Instructors need to be enthusiastic learners and willing to update their knowledge and work on weekends. They should enjoy working with children and possess good communication skills. The remuneration will depend on the number of batches handled.